Definition of proteasome in English:



  • A protein complex in cells containing proteases; it breaks down proteins that have been tagged by ubiquitin.

    ‘In the context of the cell, the unfolding process participates in several important steps in cellular physiology, such as protein turnover in proteasomes.’
    • ‘Among the archaebacterial-specific genes several ribosomal proteins, DNA metabolic enzymes, and proteasome subunits are prominent.’
    • ‘The proteasome and other endoproteolytic enzymes are located in the cytosol and may also be involved in the catabolism of larger fragments.’
    • ‘The scientists will now focus on better understanding the precise mechanism by which ubiquitin and the proteasome regulate viral budding and maturation.’
    • ‘This suggests that independent protein degradation pathways for ubiquitin, as well as for the proteasome complex, may exist in strawberry fruit.’



/ˈprōdēəˌsōm/ /ˈproʊdiəˌsoʊm/


1980s from protein+ -some.