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  • 1The action of protecting, or the state of being protected.

    ‘the B vitamins give protection against infection’
    • ‘his son was put under police protection’
    • ‘In one incident, he hacked away at the forelocks of horses - leaving them without protection against eye infections.’
    • ‘The condom offers protection against infections, as well as serious sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV.’
    • ‘Yes, private residences don't offer adequate protection against nuclear fallout.’
    • ‘By 1937 police were to discourage applications to possess firearms for house or personal protection.’
    • ‘The elves had long ago sworn protection of the royal house for future safety of its destined hero.’
    • ‘Family after family were thrown out on the roads for arrears of rent, a rent which in some cases had been trebled, with no provision for their protection or shelter.’
    • ‘The forest trees afford them protection and shelter.’
    • ‘We agreed and, to this day, those items are safely kept in that bomb shelter under the watchful protection of that community watch.’
    • ‘It's difficult to ask the person who drives you places and makes phone calls for you to call or take you to a shelter for protection from them.’
    • ‘You may be able to avoid prevailing winds by locating your deck where the house will provide some protection.’
    • ‘Without termite protection, a house in the southeast is likely to get hit sometime.’
    • ‘It's best to plant them on the south side of the house to provide winter protection.’
    • ‘It provides healthy fats that offer multiple health benefits, like heart and cancer protection.’
    • ‘Some mentioned protection from heart trouble or stroke.’
    • ‘He'd been so kind, offering shelter and protection and a friendship that she wanted very, very badly.’
    • ‘As an added bonus, this daily dose may provide heart disease protection.’
    • ‘These three laws form a perfect circle of logic and protection for humans.’
    • ‘The protection these shelters gave to the soldiers is clear to see.’
    • ‘‘The relocation of six houses to ensure its protection and preservation is a very small price to pay,’ she added.’
    • ‘This strategy not only emphasized the status of the paramount chief, but it also pushed the undefended villagers to the centre for protection in the event of an attack.’
    defence, shielding, shelter, preservation, conservation, safe keeping, safeguarding, safety, security, sanctuary, refuge, lee, immunity, insurance, indemnity
    safe keeping, care, charge, keeping, protectorship, guidance, aegis, auspices, umbrella, guardianship, support, patronage, championship, providence
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    1. 1.1A person or thing that prevents someone or something from suffering harm or injury.
      ‘the castle was built as protection against the Saxons’
      • ‘a protection against the evil eye’
      • ‘With respect to the abduction of the Egyptian ambassador, it was quite odd to see the ambassador leaving his house with no protection.’
      • ‘A hedgerow acts as a great foods reserve for insects and birds, protection for wildlife, shelter and feed for livestock and it can also act as a fine stock proof barrier.’
      • ‘Shelter is protection from the elements, something between me and where I am.’
      • ‘The birds come here because food, shelter and protection are assured here.’
      • ‘Now they have no protection, and their houses are vulnerable to catching fire in the heat and high winds.’
      • ‘This wide comfort zone allows cattle to thrive under diverse climatic conditions with little or no need for shelter or protection.’
      • ‘It uses its host as both shelter and protection from predators.’
      • ‘Sage grouse depend on healthy sage grasslands, especially dense stands of brush, for shelter and protection.’
      • ‘Ironically, even the most dangerous stinging jellies offer shelter and protection to small fish.’
      • ‘The March 1 ritual is connected to the legends of the aura of amulets used as protection from evil eyes.’
      • ‘The coin serves as a wish for wealth, and the blue wool or beads are additional protection from the evil eye.’
      • ‘The gunmen then took control of the building and were last night using their hostages as human shields as protection against the police.’
      • ‘The guns are very loud when they fire, so it's best to have some measure of protection against the noise.’
      barrier, buffer, shield, screen, hedge, cushion, preventive, preventative, armour, safeguard
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    2. 1.2usually protectionsA legal or other formal measure intended to preserve civil liberties and rights.
      ‘most Western countries provide constitutional protections for the civil and political rights of their citizens’
      • ‘Roommates, siblings, and other human arrangements would benefit from such legal protections as a civil union.’
      • ‘It brings a lot of the workers under legal protections of U.S. labor law, which should benefit them.’
      • ‘A private school may not offer the legal protections given to public school students.’
      • ‘Is minority self-government subject to constitutional protections of individual civil and political rights?’
      • ‘While the legal protections are mostly clear, some parts of internet libel law are still unsettled.’
      • ‘State laws providing additional protections to consumers are not affected by this new rule.’
      • ‘There is no doubt that the Parliament could so legislate, constitutional protections aside.’
      • ‘These procedures sound gentle but they also have the virtue of being cheap and fast, since normal legal processes and protections can be skipped.’
      • ‘Gay and lesbian couples are already raising children, and those children need legal and social protections.’
      • ‘It outlines legal protections for privacy and summarises important issues relating to surveillance.’
      • ‘It does give us certain legal rights, protections and responsibilities, and that seemed like the main reason to do it.’
      • ‘It is normal practise to suspend many legal protections during wartime.’
      • ‘They are no longer protected by even the most elementary legal protections.’
      • ‘She also said the law does not violate constitutional free-speech protections.’
      • ‘But women who have been trafficked are still not guaranteed any protections under law.’
      • ‘They will have no right to a lawyer or other constitutionally guaranteed protections.’
      • ‘It raises questions about protections for the rights of individuals.’
      • ‘There must be some advertence to the protections afforded by the Charter for trial within a reasonable time.’
      • ‘There will be additional protections for workers categorised as vulnerable under the Act.’
      • ‘The idea that the state has to prove the guilt of an accused person and that we are innocent until proved guilty is a protection for all of us.’
    3. 1.3A document guaranteeing immunity from harm to the person specified in it.
      ‘The bill has included a protection for vulnerable workers when a business is sold or its work is passed to a new contractor.’
      • ‘As a corollary, all Charter protections that are relevant in the criminal context must apply.’
    4. 1.4Measures taken to prevent conception or sexually transmitted infection during sexual activity, especially the use of a condom.
      • ‘we'd been told by a doctor we couldn't have any more kids, so hadn't used protection for years’
      contraceptive, sheath, protection
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    5. 1.5 archaic Used euphemistically to refer to the keeping of a mistress by her lover in a separate establishment.
      • ‘she was living under his lordship's protection at Gloucester Gate’
  • 2The practice of paying money to criminals so as to prevent them from attacking oneself or one's property.

    as modifier ‘a protection racket’
    • ‘protection money’
    • ‘True, some of the gangs transferred to other criminal activities, like protection racketeering.’
    • ‘As a nation of warrior nomads, they had either attacked or demanded protection money from any outsiders entering their kingdom.’
    • ‘Joe eventually makes it to a level that attracts the big protection rackets, acquires money and eventually is pitted against a big name.’
    • ‘Smuggling, bribery, protection rackets and the rise of criminal mafias are some of the common symptoms of rigidly controlled economies.’
    • ‘His organisation is motivated by money - from protection rackets and drugs.’
    • ‘The protection money and ransoms governments or insurgents extort from oil companies do not prolong the violence.’
    • ‘It is also interesting to note that these are reported offences and do not account for people who are being threatened on a daily basis by gangs who entice businesses for protection money.’
    • ‘Extortion, blackmail, protection money are part of the daily life of the slums.’
    • ‘He also claims that one businessman on the estate was approached by the gang for protection money.’
    • ‘By paying protection money they are increasing the threat to other businesses.’
    • ‘The town made the news 10 years ago when a local hotelier made a stand against the mafia and refused to pay protection money.’
    • ‘Minor missions in the game deal with incursions on their territory by rival gangs as well as exploring the twisted mentality of protection money.’
    • ‘The owner of the brothels subsequently alleged that the raids were mounted after he refused to pay protection money to the officers.’
    • ‘Large profits were made from booty and ransom, and by exacting protection money from the cities.’
    • ‘What really bothers people is when they are required to pay protection money in an area.’
    • ‘Right-wing paramilitary death squads operate in the region, often demanding protection money from the banana producers.’
    • ‘In one school in the South of London, for example, we knew of a group of students who acted like an organized ring and were demanding protection money from other students.’
    • ‘They said they wanted protection money from the vendors.’
    • ‘Rumors of brutality increased the cache of despots, augmenting their income through the collection of protection money and taxes.’
    • ‘Next, the Mafia came and asked for protection money.’
    1. 2.1Money paid to criminals, especially on a regular basis, to prevent them from attacking oneself or one's property.
      ‘he was targeted after refusing to pay protection’
      • ‘People are forced to pay protection money and business owners often pay several groups who impose taxes on them.’
      • ‘In the 1970s and 1980s, gang culture was endemic with virtually every small business forced to pay protection money or move out.’
      • ‘At the time, some members of his Four Seas Gang wanted to muscle in on a rival gang's turf and begin extorting protection money from small businesses.’
      • ‘Taxes in turn became tribute, or protection money, paid to a local warlord to prevent lands from being pillaged.’
      • ‘I also know that some of these rogue elements gain businesses by threatening businessmen and demanding protection money.’



/prəˈtekSH(ə)n/ /prəˈtɛkʃ(ə)n/


Middle English from Old French, from late Latin protectio(n-), from protegere ‘cover in front’ (see protect).