Definition of proteinuria in English:


Pronunciation /ˌprōtnˈ(y)o͝orēə/ /ˌprōˌtēn-/ /ˌproʊdiˈnjʊriə/


  • The presence of abnormal quantities of protein in the urine, which may indicate damage to the kidneys.

    • ‘Diabetic patients with proteinuria or abnormal creatinine clearance have a greater risk of developing acute renal failure.’
    • ‘In addition to proteinuria, markers of damage to the kidneys include abnormalities in the urinary sediment and abnormal findings on imaging studies.’
    • ‘The patient described in this case study presented with hematuria, proteinuria, and elevated blood pressure.’
    • ‘Protein in the urine, proteinuria, is generally confirmed using a precipitation test.’
    • ‘Chest radiography was normal and analysis of her urine showed no haematuria or proteinuria.’



/ˌprōtnˈ(y)o͝orēə/ /ˌprōˌtēn-/ /ˌproʊdiˈnjʊriə/