Definition of prothonotary warbler in English:

prothonotary warbler


  • A North American warbler, the male of which has a golden-yellow head, breast, and underparts.

    Protonotaria citrea, subfamily Parulinae, family Emberizidae

    • ‘The Connecticut Rare Bird Alert, a recorded telephone announcement, sometimes brings news of a prothonotary warbler or a Kentucky in the vicinity.’
    • ‘One prothonotary warbler does not make a May Day, but Shakespeare has bare ruined choirs full of them.’
    • ‘Then we turn into a driveway-width water-lane, drifting along under arching tupelos and willows in new leaf, startled only by the emphatic song of prothonotary warblers.’
    • ‘The Goat Trees, aptly festooned with Spanish moss, provided protective cover for shimmering gold prothonotary warblers.’


Late 18th century named with reference to the saffron color of the robes worn by clerks to the Pope (see Protonotary Apostolic).