Definition of prothoracic in English:




See prothorax

  • ‘A typical male will clasp the lateral edges of the female's elytra with his prothoracic and mesothoracic legs, while his metathoracic legs are extended behind to serve as stabilizers when they drag on the substrate.’
  • ‘Progress in this field is the subject of a recent review in which signaling systems so far known in vertebrate steroidogenic glands (ovaries, testes, adrenal cortex), insect prothoracic glands and crustacean Y-organs are compared.’
  • ‘These steroid hormones are produced by the crustacean Y-organs and the insect prothoracic glands.’
  • ‘Flying mantids that hear ultrasound perform a bat evasion behavior that comprises a head roll, complete prothoracic leg extension, wing beat changes, and abdomen dorsiflexion.’
  • ‘The relative speeds of the three species were found to be correlated with leg length and muscle mass, as well as with prothoracic temperature during activity.’