Definition of protruding in English:


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  • Sticking out; projecting.

    ‘a stocky guy with a furrowed brow and a protruding bottom lip’
    • ‘The protruding end of the ovipositor was grasped with fine tweezers and the whole reproductive tract pulled out.’
    • ‘The periodical cicada has protruding red eyes and orange legs; adults have clear wings with orange veins.’
    • ‘The median bar is eccentrically positioned in the shell; thus the lengths of the protruding rays differ within a specimen.’
    • ‘A simple bird bath, preferably one that sits directly on the ground and which has a protruding rock in it on which birds can sit, will do the trick.’
    • ‘They have large, forward-set, movable eyes and an upward slanting mouth with a long protruding lower jaw that can be thrust out.’



/prəˈtro͞odiNG/ /prəˈtrudɪŋ/