Definition of protrusible in English:



  • (of a body part, such as the jaws of a fish) capable of being protruded or extended.

    ‘Therefore, many fish with protrusible jaws have a second set of jaws in the throat, termed pharyngeal jaws, that process food and free the outer jaw to continue feeding.’
    • ‘These are trapped by the protrusible ciliated feeding tentacles, or lophophore.’
    • ‘As soon as the whiskers pass over food, the protrusible mouth drops down with an elevator-like motion and rapidly sucks in its meal.’
    • ‘The sloth bear's long muzzle has protrusible lips and nostrils which it can close - these two features allow it to create a vacuum tube to suck up the termites.’
    • ‘Echidnas have long, protrusible, mucous-covered tongues that aid in the capture of prey.’



/prəˈtro͞osəb(ə)l/ /prəˈtrusəb(ə)l/


Mid 19th century from Latin protrus- ‘extended or thrust forward’ (from the verb protrudere) + -ible.