Definition of provability in English:



See prove

  • ‘British journalism has taken on an increasingly free-wheeling and risk-taking style of late, with quote of dubious veracity, stories of dubious provability and an increasing tendency to let political bias colour the reporting of news.’
  • ‘This is because intuitionist logic takes truth to coincide with direct provability, and it may be that certain statements, such as Goldbach's conjecture in mathematics, are neither provably the case nor provably not the case.’
  • ‘While the model of the ‘selfish gene’ provides an interesting intellectual sketch of the motivations behind behavior, it's feasibility / provability is already stretched to its limits.’
  • ‘If that sentence is provable then it is true, since provability entails truth; but that makes it unprovable, which is a contradiction.’
  • ‘The important point is that Godel Incompleteness Theorem has to do with provability in logical systems, not with knowledge in general.’