Definition of provisor in English:


Pronunciation /prəˈvīzər/ /prəˈvaɪzər/


  • 1(in the Roman Catholic Church) a deputy of a bishop or archbishop.

    ‘When it is said that the outside vicars depend immediately on the vicars-general or provisors, one must not, under any consideration, understand that the latter constitute an authority or jurisdiction intermediate between the outside vicar and the archbishop.’
    ‘1351 - In England, Parliament passed the Statute of Provisors. The Pope had been in the habit of appointing ‘provisors’ to benefices (church offices that provided income without necessarily requiring work) in England.’
  • 2Christian Church
    historical The holder of a provision.


Late Middle English from Anglo-Norman French provisour, from Latin provisor, from provis- ‘provided’ (see provision).



/prəˈvīzər/ /prəˈvaɪzər/