Definition of proxemic in English:



See proxemics

  • ‘In addition, the reduction of proxemic space is an important means of gradually reducing interpersonal distance as well as communicating attraction by orienting the body toward the partner.’
  • ‘Kinesic motions of the body exist in a spatial vacuum, while proxemic zones of space are empty of the dynamically embodied action that structure their meaning.’
  • ‘Bodies, faces, looks, cars, knives - all penetrate the zones of privacy and proxemic control Marion tries to establish around herself from moment to moment.’
  • ‘The prime directive of proxemic space is that we may not come and go everywhere as we please. There are cultural rules and biological boundaries - explicit as well as implicit and subtle limits to observe - everywhere.’
  • ‘This descriptive and exploratory study analyzed the proxemic factors of the nursing team and HIV/AIDS patients in a hospital environment in Fortaleza.’