Definition of proximately in English:



See proximate

  • ‘Our presuppositions, as Collingwood showed in The Idea of History, are proximately philosophical and ultimately theological.’
  • ‘Where a disease of the assured actually causes the accident, it is held that the injury or death is proximately caused by the accident, not the disease, so that the exceptions clause does not operate and the insurer is liable.’
  • ‘While increased developmental instability may be proximately caused by external environment, the extent to which different traits respond to the environmental cues can have a genetic basis.’
  • ‘For example, high parental care of male house finches is proximately linked to both elevated levels of prolactin (R. A. Duckworth et al. unpubl. manuscript), and a decreased level of testosterone.’
  • ‘He declared his own position to be ‘Constructive Idealism,’ derived from Kantian Idealism (though more proximately from British Idealism, especially the work of T.H. Green).’