Definition of prurience in English:



See prurient

  • ‘To illustrate: a State might choose to prohibit only that obscenity which is the most patently offensive in its prurience - i.e., that which involves the most lascivious displays of sexual activity.’
  • ‘It is taboo, embarrassment and sexuality's enforced covertness which foments ‘sauciness’, prurience, and notions of filth.’
  • ‘If the British tabloid press shows the nation's unconscious mind at work - a bubbling pit of prurience and anxiety - then the Hollywood block-buster reveals the deepest fantasies and paranoia of the American psyche.’
  • ‘It's their duty to report the number of dead and wounded, but anything else is media prurience.’
  • ‘Nearly a century later, the media is rife with accounts that similarly depend on public prurience and stereotypes of women as victims.’