Definition of prying in English:



  • Excessively interested in a person's private affairs; too inquisitive.

    ‘she felt there was no place where she could escape from the prying eyes’
    ‘a certain kind of prying journalism’
    • ‘A slum dweller has no door to slam in the face of prying reporters.’
    • ‘Their nuclear manipulations will be free from prying eyes.’
    • ‘The cities had also acquired a political conscience to protect themselves from prying princes.’
    • ‘By drawing your curtain there will be no intrusion or prying eyes into your movement in the house.’
    • ‘Now he must woo his beloved away from the prying eyes of his fellow club members.’
    • ‘I had to learn more without the prying eyes of people who knew me.’
    • ‘To prevent prying eyes from seeing your personal email, consider using encryption software.’
    • ‘It is the opposite of grinding out small profits away from prying eyes.’
    • ‘He can placate all those prying legislators who keep embarrassing MLB with hearings on Capitol Hill.’
    • ‘Some think that prying news reports are a necessary evil in a democracy.’
    • ‘I blessed her for knowing what I wanted and not asking any prying questions.’
    • ‘Nor were the escorts there to admonish me for asking a rude question of the partying faithful, or to protect the paying customers from the prying media.’
    • ‘Yet even so, it quickly became clear why the junta wished to keep out prying eyes.’
    • ‘Yet again, he displayed the elusive nature of a Lord Lucan as he succeeded in evading the prying cameras outside Mountjoy.’
    • ‘Afterwards it will once again be under lock and key, behind a shatterproof, bulletproof, glass window, away from prying fingers.’
    • ‘Other times, the professional eavesdropper subconsciously shields himself with wire fences, translucent plastic sheeting, and window drapery to deflect prying questions.’
    • ‘He never tired of asking prying questions: in what manner were they attracted to each other; how did they behave?’
    • ‘It is believed the gangs have targeted Scotland because it has so much rural land which is remote from prying eyes.’
    • ‘At four feet five inches tall, Fin's dwarfism has earned him prying stares and questions all of his life.’