Definition of psalmist in English:



  • The author or composer of a psalm, especially of any of the biblical Psalms.

    • ‘Herbert's confidence and trust in the God of grace and love leads him to share in the same sort of intimacy characteristic of the relationship between Old Testament prophets like Jeremiah or psalmists like David and God.’
    • ‘Much to the chagrin of the psalmist, and other biblical authors, the wicked do prosper and the treacherous often thrive. Psalm 1 suggests, however, that the wicked's prosperity is only short-lived.’
    • ‘Both the lament of Jeremiah and the praise of the psalmist are important to God and integral to the worship life of God's people.’
    • ‘The biblical psalmist wrote, ‘Without vision, the people perish.’’
    • ‘One of the wonderful gifts of David, the primary psalmist, was his ability to compose songs of praise and lead the Israelites in worship through song.’


Late 15th century from late Latin psalmista, from psalmus ‘song sung to harp music’ (see psalm).