Definition of psephologist in English:


Pronunciation /sēˈfäləjəst/ /siˈfɑlədʒəst/


See psephology

  • ‘Roughly 11m people a day read the Sun, people said by most psephologists to matter crucially at elections because most are swing voters without a firm party allegiance.’
  • ‘Yet all of these wards have, to varying degrees, relatively large number of voters, certainly larger than most opinion polls or focus groups that psephologists rely on to gauge voting intentions before elections.’
  • ‘Even in this unique double Holyrood / Westminster ballot - a psephologist's gift - there was not one single opinion poll in the entire campaign.’
  • ‘Amateur psephologists please note that I concede that the odds of election of more minor party and independent Senators being elected are not necessarily improved in a full Senate dissolution election mode.’
  • ‘Of course, no psephologist makes serious predictions until a few days before an election; too much can happen to change things.’



/sēˈfäləjəst/ /siˈfɑlədʒəst/