Definition of pshaw in English:


Pronunciation /(p)SHô/ /(p)ʃɔ/

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  • An expression of contempt or impatience.

    ‘“Poison? Pshaw! The very idea!”’
    • ‘And for those of you who don't really want details of this, pshaw!’
    • ‘EEEEWWWW pshaw what the bloody hell?’

intransitive verb

[no object]
  • Say ‘pshaw’

    ‘when I suggested that free trade might dilute Canadian culture, he pshawed’
    • ‘‘Oh, I was a stickler for the rules,’ she pshawed, ‘I work in a bar now.’’
    • ‘Upon hearing Kurtz's notes over the phone, one imagines the rewrite guy pshawing the angle.’
    • ‘He pshawed me, accused me of being in denial of incipient middle-age and merely affecting to like ‘the crew’ whilst pining for Celine Dion or Dido.’
    • ‘But business leaders have pshawed those claims, saying that much of the debate by critics outside the chip industry has been driven by ignorance and emotional arguments.’
    • ‘But other lawmakers pshawed that notion, saying the ministry's financial report yesterday lacked substance.’


Natural exclamation: first recorded in English in the late 17th century.