Definition of psionic in English:



  • Relating to or denoting the practical use of psychic powers or paranormal phenomena.

    ‘psionic communication’
    • ‘Psionic Telekinesis is simply the use of psionic power to move or manipulate physical matter.’
    • ‘Ravena summoned her psionic powers and a fuchsia aura enveloped her snowy white skin.’
    • ‘Hovering just outside the suspended gate, most likely defying the very nature of gravity with his psionic power, Timothy did not appear too happy.’
    • ‘The other option was science fiction with players having psionic powers, but we really felt more comfortable with the heroic fantasy theme.’
    • ‘About the only things that the two games have in common are a protagonist with psionic powers and the ability to throw random enemies off of very tall buildings.’



/sīˈänik/ /saɪˈɑnɪk/


1950s from psi, on the pattern of electronic.