Definition of psocid in English:



  • A small or minute insect of an order that includes the booklice. Many psocids are wingless and somewhat resemble lice or aphids, and most live on bark and among foliage.

    Order Psocoptera: many families, including the large family Psocidae

    ‘Book lice is a species of insect called psocid which was given its common name as it used to live on the binding materials of old books.’
    • ‘Most psocids live outdoors and have wings. They can be found on tree bark, tree and shrub foliage, or under stones. These psocids are known as 'barklice'.’
    • ‘Psocids are common but harmless household pests, smaller than a pinhead, that can live in dry powdery type foods.’



/ˈsōsəd/ /ˈsoʊsəd/ /ˈsäsəd/ /ˈsɑsəd/


Late 19th century from modern Latin Psocidae (plural), from Psocus (genus name), from Greek psōkhein ‘to grind’.