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  • Relating to or involving psychoanalysis.

    ‘Freudian psychoanalytic theory’
    • ‘psychoanalytic approaches to trauma’
    • ‘The phenomenon of "transference" is one of the cornerstones of psychoanalytic theory.’
    • ‘Two decades of psychoanalytic film theory have shown us how to read these films as the working out of a particularly ambiguous oedipal fantasy, centred on the woman.’
    • ‘The researchers have shown the value of a psychoanalytic approach based in day hospitals for patients with severe personality disorder.’
    • ‘Most personality disorder treatments today include all the myths of childhood inherited from psychoanalytic models of development.’
    • ‘According to the psychoanalytic model of the self, there are thoughts we keep to ourselves, thoughts we keep from ourselves and thoughts we don't even know we have.’
    • ‘The psychoanalytic concept of displacement has also been forwarded as a plausible explanation.’
    • ‘In psychoanalytic terms, this is the process whereby the subject's phenomenology may be transferred to the researcher.’
    • ‘The psychoanalytic term for this is countertransference.’
    • ‘The present study examined the psychoanalytic perspective regarding mate selection.’
    • ‘A psychoanalytic reading suggests that horror movies play on our individual nightmares, and specifically our fear of death and dissolution.’
    • ‘Psychoanalytic theorists postulate that play is a means through which children act out unpleasant experiences and minimize resulting negative psychological impact.’
    • ‘This time Maria tried psychoanalytic therapy.’



/ˌsīkōˌanəˈlidik/ /ˌsaɪkoʊˌænəˈlɪdɪk/