Definition of psychobiological in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌbīəˈläjəkəl/


See psychobiology

‘Recent research into adolescence has been divided into psychobiological and psychosocial areas.’
  • ‘Trauma is thought to be a psychobiological event that produces not only adverse psychological effects, but also potentially long-term neurobiological changes in the brain.’
  • ‘Robert Emde's research on the evolution of infant minds suggests the presence of an innate psychobiological potential for ‘we-ness’ and group-related behavior.’
  • ‘There is also support for a common psychobiological vulnerability and for the notion that individuals use a variety of rewarding behaviors to self-medicate their affective disturbances depending on the specific effects of each.’
  • ‘A psychobiological response to seasonal changes is a result of interacting environmental and genetic factors.’