Definition of psychogeriatric in English:



See psychogeriatrics

‘They found no efficacy differences among psychogeriatric case management, general practitioners with psychogeriatric consultation and standard care in managing 86 residents with dementia with depression, psychosis or both.’
  • ‘Nilsson et al found increased plasma homocysteine along with decreased serum folate, B12, and creatinine levels in 69 percent of demented and non-demented psychogeriatric patients.’
  • ‘We retrospectively reanalysed data from our single blind, randomised and controlled study of early identification of depression and pragmatic intervention by psychogeriatric consultation.’
  • ‘The highest incidence of folate deficiency as measured by serum and red cell folate concentrations is in elderly populations, especially psychogeriatric patients.’
  • ‘There is no suggestion of a home assessment, a care package, or psychogeriatric referral.’