Definition of psychokinetic in English:



See psychokinesis

‘In short, unable to find anyone with demonstrable psychokinetic powers, the parapsychologists tell us that there are two kinds of psychokinesis, macro and micro.’
  • ‘A study that asked participants how they would react to having permanent, irreversible mind-reading or psychokinetic abilities within a 100-yard range found a predominance of negative reactions.’
  • ‘I will accept Caidin's claim (and his disciple's validation) if he will make one paper vane move by psychokinetic power while it is sealed in a Bell jar.’
  • ‘I've attached here a video file that shows the man doing what I call a trick, but that he describes as a genuine psychokinetic feat - the changing of the time on a watch-face.’
  • ‘A collection of miscellaneous psychokinetic powers are also acquired such as the ability to fly through the air, walk on water, and create duplicate bodies.’



/ˌsīkōkəˈnedik/ /ˌsaɪkoʊkəˈnɛdɪk/