Definition of psychological moment in English:

psychological moment


in singular
  • The moment at which something will or would have the greatest psychological effect.

    ‘there was a psychological moment when they might have accepted the report’
    • ‘I might concede that there was a psychological moment in which people made the transition, and I will get to this a little more later.’
    • ‘Many people of our generation will never let go of the assassination as a psychological moment, however much or little it may have meant historically.’
    • ‘This means that if what you're studying is culture, the part played by the psychological moments, or episodes, in the transmission of culture should be seen as crucial.’
    • ‘John, like all the great mystics of the Catholic tradition, is acutely aware of the danger of self-delusion or the simple error of mistaking a purely psychological moment for deep prayer.’
    • ‘The historical truth about the event is no longer of psychological moment for the large group; what is important is the sense of being linked together by the shared chosen trauma, which usually becomes highly mythologized.’