Definition of psychological warfare in English:

psychological warfare


  • Actions intended to reduce an opponent's morale.

    ‘Containing yet transcending deception, the art of ambiguity in Chinese strategic tradition is the ultimate form of psychological warfare.’
    • ‘The great Mongol warrior Genghis Khan was not only a brilliant cavalry tactician but a master at psychological warfare.’
    • ‘Low trust bureaucratic states are extremely vulnerable to electronic psychological warfare using this emerging technology.’
    • ‘Shock and awe is less about destruction than about a display of power and might, combining military force with psychological warfare in a concerted effort to overwhelm and intimidate.’
    • ‘They were intended to conduct psychological warfare and distribute anticommunist propaganda.’


psychological warfare

/ˌsīkəˌläjəkəl ˈwôrˌfer/ /ˌsaɪkəˌlɑdʒəkəl ˈwɔrˌfɛr/