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  • 1In a way that affects the mind or relates to the emotional state of a person.

    ‘he was psychologically damaged by a decade of abuse’
    • ‘the victim continues to suffer psychologically’
    • ‘Their loss is psychologically devastating well beyond the loss that is calculated at the market value of antiquities.’
    • ‘A psychologically important attribute of religion is the emphasis given to the desire for unity, or to open one's heart to God.’
    • ‘Even psychologically healthy people are vulnerable, if they have not been trained to recognize the techniques, she said.’
    • ‘Her wants and needs are those of a highly intelligent and psychologically healthy teenager.’
    • ‘The threat of pain is often more psychologically damaging than the pain per se.’
    • ‘His was a peacetime army, psychologically prepared for police work and occupation, not combat operations.’
    • ‘She was a psychologically complex individual.’
    • ‘The children are phsyically and psychologically damaged by their experiences, and often find it difficult to reintegrate.’
    • ‘He admitted to being psychologically addicted to the drug.’
    • ‘Among those who returned from the war physically intact, many had been psychologically scarred.’
    • ‘He said the complainant was psychologically disturbed.’
    1. 1.1In a way that relates to psychology.
      ‘psychologically based therapies’
      • ‘Psychologically speaking, the consumers are motivated by desires for the sensations that are triggered by the substances they consume.’
      • ‘Psychologically speaking, bright colors cause emotional reactions.’
      • ‘The club hired researchers to study players physically and psychologically.’
      • ‘Additional research should assess whether this construct is psychologically important.’
      • ‘It is essential that more research be performed on psychologically based analgesic techniques.’
      • ‘These theories and methods were inherently more psychologically orientated than previous attempts to understand similar phenomena.’
      • ‘Many other psychologically based cognitive models of consciousness have been advanced.’
      • ‘If hypothetical psychologically based arguments are made during summation most lawyers lack the scientific credentials to give their opinion much credibility.’
      • ‘It is hard to overestimate the effect he had on how gender was viewed psychologically and clinically.’
      • ‘Is that idea a psychologically valid concept?’
      • ‘Medical experts said the number of women who threaten suicide is very small, and they can be treated psychologically.’
      • ‘We treat the whole person psychologically, physically and spiritually.’



/ˌsīkəˈläjək(ə)lē/ /ˌsaɪkəˈlɑdʒək(ə)li/