Definition of psychologism in English:



  • A tendency to interpret events or arguments in subjective terms, or to exaggerate the relevance of psychological factors.

    ‘This disappearance of objective knowledge in Western philosophy has continued in other idealist and subjective guises-positivism, materialism, psychologism and historicism.’
    • ‘Frege was also a harsh critic of psychologism in logic: the view that logical truths are truths about psychology.’
    • ‘Richards's psychologism had ‘paved the way for the study of poems as independent structures’ or ‘consideration of the poem as a separate world.’’
    • ‘Secondly, Glock defends Strawson's dismissal of transcendental idealism and transcendental psychologism.’
    • ‘For the critics of psychologism, validity had nothing to do with genesis, truth content was independent of individual judgments, and justification did not rely on mere rhetorical persuasion.’



/sīˈkäləˌjiz(ə)m/ /saɪˈkɑləˌdʒɪz(ə)m/