Definition of psychometrically in English:


Pronunciation /-ik(ə)lē/


See psychometric

‘First, does this measure yield psychometrically robust dimensions of psychological adjustment for a sample of urban preschool children?’
  • ‘This definition makes clear that early childhood educators will need psychometrically sound and culturally appropriate rating scales of behavior problems to identify children with emotional and behavioral disorders.’
  • ‘Hence, it is necessary to determine which instruments are the most psychometrically sound and suitable for youths to complete when assessing psychopathology and which provide the most useful information to the clinician.’
  • ‘Independent exploratory factor analyses for two geographically, ethnically, and socioeconomically different urban preschool samples evidenced psychometrically sound structures.’
  • ‘It is regarded as an efficient, psychometrically sound self report inventory of anxiety.’