Definition of psychopathically in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsīkəˈpaTHik(ə)lē/


See psychopathic

‘Fifteen-year-old Kevin ‘is so psychopathically unloving, almost from the moment he is born, that his only concerns when older are how efficiently and sadistically he can slaughter his victims,’ The Guardian explained.’
  • ‘Their murder acts on them like a religious conversion (to which, indeed, it is sometimes a prelude); and while some killers remain psychopathically indifferent to their crimes, they are relatively few.’
  • ‘And when corporations behave psychopathically, it's the fault of no human, not even the fat cats in charge.’
  • ‘We heard about his psychopathically abusive father, his cold and indifferent mother.’
  • ‘Davis made enormous sums of money during his career millions - but was constantly fighting off debt as he spent wildly, almost psychopathically.’