Definition of psychopathological in English:



See psychopathology

‘According to Homey, alienation could be related to psychopathological states similar to neurosis, including a delay in the growth and actualization of the individual.’
  • ‘The Freudian world view had already started to rewrite the old script of women sexually victimized by predatory men, replacing it with a new script of psychopathological maternity.’
  • ‘Additional paternal factors, other than psychopathological characteristics, also have been examined in families with court-involved youth.’
  • ‘A. T. Beck suggests that the various psychopathological disorders can be conceptualized in terms of modes.’
  • ‘They might not have been clinically ill, but they would have been incorporated into a psychopathological movement.’



/ˌsīkōˌpaTHəˈläjəkl/ /ˌsaɪkoʊˌpæθəˈlɑdʒəkl/