Definition of psychopharmacology in English:



  • The scientific study of the effects of drugs on the mind and behavior.

    ‘I have always viewed psychopharmacology as a branch of internal medicine, not psychology.’
    • ‘He has been active in genetic research and psychopharmacology of mental illnesses.’
    • ‘Indeed, there are still many psychiatrists left in this country who talk to patients and families, provide both psychotherapy and psychopharmacology, and care for patients in a biopsychosocial context.’
    • ‘Although medications were used in this case primarily to address stage - 3 personality issues, psychopharmacology can effectively complement therapy at any stage.’
    • ‘It is possible that other neurotransmitters are involved in the still relatively unknown psychopharmacology of stimulant medication.’



/ˌsīkōˌfärməˈkäləjē/ /ˌsaɪkoʊˌfɑrməˈkɑlədʒi/