Definition of psychophysical in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsīkəˈfizik(ə)l/ /ˌsaɪkəˈfɪzɪk(ə)l/


See psychophysics

‘Phrased differently, psychophysical experiments should have psychological responses as dependent variables and physical descriptions as independent variables.’
  • ‘Recent psychophysical and electrophysiological studies have demonstrated that shifting attention to a nonpredictive auditory cue modulates the processing of subsequent visual stimuli at early stages as well as later ones.’
  • ‘In the last few years, though, new knowledge of the neurological highways that connect gut and brain, combined with psychophysical studies probing the perception of flavor, has shed light on the gourmand within.’
  • ‘Fundamental psychophysical results indicate that discrimination and perceived similarity are usually associated, which is consistent with the PERSIM hypothesis.’
  • ‘Third, prior studies have provided psychophysical as well as neurophysiological evidence that aging effects on neural processes degrade temporal resolution at suprathreshold contrast levels.’