Definition of psychophysics in English:


plural noun

treated as singular
  • The branch of psychology that deals with the relationships between physical stimuli and mental phenomena.

    ‘I thought of biochemistry in our neighboring sciences and of psychophysics, and more recently of psychopharmacology, as examples of fruitful splitting and recombination in our own science.’
    • ‘One such model that has had an enormous impact, not only in psychophysics but in many diverse areas of psychology, is Signal Detection Theory.’
    • ‘They used psychophysics to show that capsaicin (found in chillies) could produce practical oral analgesia in cancer patients with oral lesions.’
    • ‘Working in psychophysics he became concerned with the biases that occur when subjective assessments are made.’
    • ‘In psychophysics, 'ions traveling opposite to the plasma current’ are described as ‘counterpassing'.’



/ˌsīkəˈfiziks/ /ˌsaɪkəˈfɪzɪks/