Definition of psychophysiologist in English:


Pronunciation /-jist/



See psychophysiology

‘Christian Grillon, Ph.D., a psychophysiologist from Yale, joining ETP as a tenure-track investigator, will conduct psychophysiological studies on startle reflex and fear conditioning in anxiety disorders.’
  • ‘Therefore, some psychophysiologists are getting more and more interested in parapsychological research, and there is an advantageous exchange between those disciplines.’
  • ‘The most important literature for the understanding of the electrodermal system and the methodology that can be applied to it, is the book Electrodermal Activity by the German psychophysiologist Wolfram Boucsein.’
  • ‘To encourage rationalization, time-study bureaux were set up and an army of psychophysiologists, psychotechnicians, and labour hygienists descended on the factories.’
  • ‘From the viewpoint of psychophysiologists, the applied and described EDA methodologies are not sufficient.’