Definition of psychosocial in English:



  • Relating to the interrelation of social factors and individual thought and behavior.

    ‘the psychosocial care of patients’
    • ‘The contribution of psychosocial factors to the initial onset of depression in diabetes is modest.’
    • ‘Pain is a multidimensional experience influenced by a variety of physical and psychosocial factors.’
    • ‘The exploration of psychosocial factors in relation to suicide risk is by no means new.’
    • ‘Therefore, chronic marital distress may be a more salient psychosocial risk factor for women than for men.’
    • ‘Recent studies have attempted to define the psychosocial factors related to glycemic control.’



/ˌsīkōˈsōSHəl/ /ˌsaɪkoʊˈsoʊʃəl/