Definition of psychosocially in English:



See psychosocial

‘Developmental perspectives toward understanding minors' decision-making capacities attempt to determine when minors are cognitively and psychosocially mature enough to provide informed consent.’
  • ‘It was expected that the more psychosocially mature adolescents would be less involved in the risky behavior of heavier drinking, both concurrently and longitudinally.’
  • ‘Those patients diagnosed with CF as adults differ, both medically and psychosocially, from those diagnosed at a younger age; these differences have implications for diagnosis, treatment, and education.’
  • ‘Substance abuse is a psychosocially contagious epidemic and not a simple indicator or function of the level of social and personal problems in a community.’
  • ‘Abnormal scars can cause unpleasant symptoms and be aesthetically distressing, disfiguring, and psychosocially and functionally disabling. Appropriate treatment depends on scar type and aetiology.’