Definition of psychotomimetic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsīˌkädōməˈmedik/ /ˌsaɪˌkɑdoʊməˈmɛdɪk/


  • Relating to or denoting drugs which are capable of producing an effect on the mind similar to a psychotic state.

    ‘such altered states of consciousness follow ingestion of LSD and other psychotomimetic drugs’
    • ‘In animal models 5 - HT2 antagonists (ketanserin and spiperone) were shown to block the psychotomimetic effects of both LSD and DOM.’
    • ‘LSD was a synthetic drug, based on a naturally produced substance, which is called psychotomimetic drugs, made out of this rust.’
    • ‘There is no clinically tested antidote available to antagonize the psychotomimetic symptomatology induced by PCP.’
    • ‘Therefore, individuals displaying dramatic psychotomimetic effects resulting from phencyclidine ingestion should be treated as a psychiatric emergency.’


  • A psychotomimetic drug.

    ‘LSD - 25, used as a psychotomimetic, allows us to study these problems of communication from the inside and learn how to devise better methods of helping the sick.’
    • ‘High potency as an antagonist of 5-HT in isolated smooth muscle preparations was not correlated with high potency as a psychotomimetic.’
    • ‘The hypothesis that psychotomimetics induce a rapid dopamine receptor regulation that could participate in the expression of the brain dopaminergic overactivation and in the early signs of psychotic-like behaviour, was checked by radioligand binding on rat brain cryosections.’