Definition of PT boat in English:

PT boat


  • A motorboat equipped with torpedoes and used by the military, especially during World War II.

    ‘Though the PT boat's trio of 1500 horsepower Higgins engines were well past their prime, the Legless Lilly managed a respectable cruising speed of twenty knots.’
    • ‘For the wooden PT boat, with its relatively large and unprotected fuel tanks, the result was predictable.’
    • ‘Serving in small plywood craft much like the more famous American PT boats, the Coastal Forces wreaked havoc with Axis forces in British and foreign waters.’
    • ‘Along the edges of the convoys sailed a variety of ships: graceful sloops, chunky corvettes, slim gunboats like the Dutch Soemba, antisubmarine patrol craft, fast PT boats, and everywhere sleek destroyers.’
    • ‘Looking like larger versions of the American PT boats that cruised the South Seas in the Second World War, Singapore's patrol craft guard the trade on which the island-state's prosperity depends.’


PT boat

/ˌpēˈtē ˌbōt/ /ˌpiˈti ˌboʊt/


1940s from P(atrol) T(orpedo) boat.