Definition of Pteridophyta in English:


Pronunciation /ˌterəˈdäfidə/ /ˌtɛrəˈdɑfɪdə/

plural noun

  • A division of flowerless green plants that comprises the ferns and their relatives.

    Division Pteridophyta: classes Filicopsida (ferns), Sphenopsida (horsetails), and Lycopsida (club mosses)

    ‘Consider the ‘Pteridophyta’ (vascular plants that reproduce by spores) are they a monophyletic group or a grade?’
    • ‘Polyploidy occurs in the heterosporous and homosporous Pteridophyta, but with a much higher frequency in the latter.’
    • ‘The database includes the data on the spread of the autochthonous and majority of the alochthonous species of pteridophyta and anthophyta in Slovenia.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek pteris, pterid- ‘fern’ + phuton ‘plant’.