Definition of pteridophyte in English:


Pronunciation /təˈridəˌfīt/ /təˈrɪdəˌfaɪt/ /ˈterədəˌfīt/ /ˈtɛrədəˌfaɪt/ /təˈridəfīt/ /təˈrɪdəfaɪt/

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  • A member of the Pteridophyta, a division of plants including the ferns and their allies (horsetails, club mosses).

    ‘H. Potonié first hypothesized the existence of a group of such transitional plants between pteridophytes and seed plants in 1899, but it is now known that ferns themselves are not the direct ancestors of seed plants.’
    • ‘The term ‘xerophytic fern’ is somewhat of an oxymoron as most pteridophytes inhabit moist environments.’