Definition of public advocate in English:

public advocate


mainly US
  • An official elected or appointed to advance the interests of the public, especially by investigating complaints concerning public authorities.

    ‘The New York City public advocate plans to propose legislation that would establish a hotline where workers could anonymously report wage theft.’
    • ‘The public advocate is also planning a lawsuit to block the expansion of some charter schools.’
    • ‘The president is expected to back the creation of an independent public advocate on the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.’
    • ‘Some judges have questioned whether a public advocate would have legal standing.’
    • ‘New York City's public advocates probe the performance of city agencies.’
    • ‘In his role as public advocate, he has been a crusader against proactive police tactics that have been widely credited with transforming New York into the safest big city in the country.’
    • ‘To make the primary ballot in September, candidates for citywide office - mayor, comptroller and public advocate - must collect at least 3,750 signatures from registered voters from their political party by Thursday.’
    • ‘"The job of public advocate is to be a paid complainer," one insider said.’
    • ‘According to the Campaign Finance Board, only one candidate has officially declared to run for public advocate.’