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  • The occupation, business, or activity of preparing and issuing books, journals, and other material for sale.

    ‘she worked in publishing’
    • ‘Outsourced journalism, better known as contract publishing or custom publishing is a growth industry in the West.’
    • ‘For the general publishing and pop-culture industries, this has not seemed so much like a heroic or contrarian stance as a stiff and snobbish one.’
    • ‘We recognize that range of creative activity that goes beyond academic publishing.’
    • ‘Let's admit it and this is the real dirty secret of academic publishing one can publish just about anything if one goes far enough down the list of impact factors.’
    • ‘My theory aims at taking speculation fully into account, which neither financial journalism nor academic publishing presently does.’
    • ‘The other element of academic publishing is books, particularly research monographs.’
    • ‘For publishers, grants encourage publishing quantity over quality.’
    • ‘Librarians have much to learn from their publishing counterparts about the book as an artifact.’
    • ‘So it may seem odd to hear complaints about the insularity of our publishing industry.’
    • ‘Decisions to promote commercial aspects of newspaper publishing are not inherently immoral or harmful to journalism.’
    • ‘Book publishing is second only to furniture delivery in slowness.’
    • ‘Military history journals have a solid niche in popular and academic publishing.’
    • ‘This same publishing industry has turned a cold shoulder to other, less marketable writers.’
    • ‘The adoption of inspired main titles that provide no clue as to the subject of the book has become a bad habit in academic publishing.’
    • ‘In neat testimony to the process, in academic publishing, history has been collapsing into memory, memory into trauma, and trauma into studies of silence and forgetfulness.’
    • ‘In practice, academic publishing is about gaining status by getting something printed in the most static venue possible.’
    • ‘What was the general context of publishing when you started out?’
    • ‘But such data as we have suggest that publishing in general is not a good field for investors to enter.’
    • ‘That doesn't mean, however, that another publishing company has given up on the e-book format.’
    • ‘How little you know about academic publishing, my notional friend.’



/ˈpəbliSHiNG/ /ˈpəblɪʃɪŋ/