Definition of pucker up in English:

pucker up


  • Contract one's lips as in preparation for a kiss.

    • ‘Then he cheerfully scurries over to Carolyn, closes his eyes, and puckers up for a big good-bye kiss.’
    • ‘According to a report published today in the journal Nature, people are nearly twice as likely to lean right instead of left when puckering up.’
    • ‘If you rush to pucker up, he might go into panic mode.’
    • ‘Jesse puckered up and closed his eyes, but kissed nothing.’
    • ‘Can you resist when you're girlfriend puckers up?’
    • ‘He continued to lean in and I noticed his lips slowly puckering up.’
    • ‘He grabbed my hand and squeezed his eyes shut, puckering up and leaning forward.’
    • ‘His lips loosely puckered up as he dipped in for the kill.’
    • ‘For Arenas, though, it's not points and wins that make girls swoon, aged ladies pucker up and folks shout from high-rise balconies.’
    • ‘He started to pucker up when Autumns voice sounded softly in his ear.’