Definition of puddle jumper in English:

puddle jumper


informal North American
  • A small light airplane that is fast and highly maneuverable and used for short trips.

    • ‘A scant decade ago, a sales visit to Wal-Mart likely entailed flying a puddle jumper into the college town of Fayetteville, renting a car, then snaking along the old U.S. 71 through the Ozarks until you hit Bentonville.’
    • ‘We were delayed yesterday in Chicago because of the weather, and it wasn't fun taking a little puddle jumper prop plane to Grand Rapids with storm systems all around.’
    • ‘I flew in from London on Wednesday night, crashed in Boston (as in slept, not as in assume emergency landing positions) and then took the first Cape Air puddle jumper over to Ptown.’
    • ‘Of course I was travelling on the shoulder - wouldn't you if you had a classic ‘puddle jumper’ like mine?’
    • ‘At Midway, I'm always surprised that passengers aren't forced to wait in a double-wide before being sent off in little puddle jumpers.’