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adjectiveadjective pudgier, adjective pudgiest

  • (of a person or part of their body) slightly fat.

    • ‘his pudgy fingers’
    • ‘This time, I stopped to watch as Allawi's pudgy person came into view.’
    • ‘The makeup pros are looking me over - two women with purple-red lips and a pudgy guy with a pen in his lapel.’
    • ‘Cherubs are obviously pudgy children shooting arrows at people and playing the mini-harp!’
    • ‘She was already pudgy enough, though she had lost some weight during her expedition.’
    • ‘When she was leaving the back hallway, a short pudgy kid stopped her.’
    • ‘Viv watched as the elevator doors closed in front of the pudgy man.’
    • ‘So she goes out for a smoke, tells that pudgy kid to start up the projector’
    • ‘Soon, the counselor, a pudgy woman with graying blonde hair came out of the office, followed by Gwen.’
    • ‘Amy is a short pudgy girl with brown hair, brown eyes, and is always wearing some article of clothing that is blue.’
    • ‘Seeing him, the neighbor went around to the backyard and told his flock of pudgy daughters to play in the front yard.’
    • ‘Xander was tall, almost as tall as Sean, with black hair, green eyes, but a slightly pudgy body.’
    • ‘She was a short, pudgy woman with bright green eyes, and shoulder length curly blonde hair.’
    • ‘Widowed and alone, pudgy Sara comforts herself with sweets and television.’
    • ‘The pudgy man growled and turned away, entering the factory through a back door.’
    • ‘She was a pudgy woman in her late thirties or early forties, with short brown hair.’
    • ‘And this despite having had my own pudgy fingers burnt in such a fashion on more than one occasion.’
    • ‘From the time I learned how to form letters with my pudgy little kid hands, I knew I wanted to be a writer.’
    • ‘He jabs a pudgy finger at people in photos, many westerners, stuck into a scrap book.’
    • ‘Not pudgy or obese, but enormously tall with muscles covering every inch of their well-formed bodies.’
    • ‘She sighs heavily, her pudgy fingers punching the keys on the cash register loudly.’
    big, burly, heavy, tall, bulky, thickset, heavyset, chunky, strapping, powerfully built, hefty, muscular, muscle-bound, brawny, muscly, husky, solid, powerful, sturdy, solidly built, broad-shouldered, strong, big and strong, rugged, Herculean



/ˈpəjē/ /ˈpədʒi/