Definition of pug-nosed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpəɡ ˌnōzd/ /ˈpəɡ ˌnoʊzd/


See pug nose

  • ‘Why would a pug-nosed Socrates be ‘disturbing’?’
  • ‘Others include Rahonavis, a bird with a raptorlike sickle claw; the previously mentioned Majungatholus, a large theropod with a dome atop its head; and Simosuchus, a pug-nosed, possibly vegetarian crocodile.’
  • ‘The massive masculine pug-nosed detective quickly charged in front of Mr. Johnson, and pulled the teacher up by the collar with both of his strong hands.’
  • ‘He's awfully cute because he's sort of short and pug-nosed.’
  • ‘In the end, she is transformed into the pug-nosed comic-book character Nancy.’



/ˈpəɡ ˌnōzd/ /ˈpəɡ ˌnoʊzd/