Definition of pulk in English:



(also pulka)
  • A type of sled without runners, pulled by a person or dog and used especially to transport equipment and supplies.

    ‘on days with no wind, a team of ten dogs pulled the pulk’
    • ‘At last we have our skis, meaning we can now tow our pulks in true explorer style.’
    • ‘Some mothers ski with a daughter in tow in a pulk or on their backs.’
    • ‘On days with no wind, a team of 10 dogs pulled the pulk.’
    • ‘There was more snow on the trail ahead so we would be able to use our pulks.’
    • ‘It turns out there is quite an art to cross-country ski-ing whilst pulling a laden pulk.’
    • ‘We are now in that waiting game with our pulks fully packed and ready to go for when the time arrives.’
    • ‘We loaded everything into pulks, which we dragged behind us for a traipse across hummocky tundra.’
    • ‘The challenge will see the group run and trek across 150km of northern Finland, pulling all their kit in a traditional pulka.’





Norwegian, from Finnish pulka ‘small sledge’.