Definition of pull-on in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpo͝olän/ /ˈpʊlɑn/


  • Denoting a garment designed to be pulled on easily, without needing to be fastened.

    ‘pull-on trousers with an elastic waist’
    • ‘I had been working my way through the pile and that morning I had put on a comfortable, simply cut pull-on dress with a soft collar like they have on rugby shirts.’
    • ‘Another option is a pull-on skirt - choose either a straight or softly flowing style.’
    • ‘Here they provide pull-on boot covers, so you don't muddy the floor or have to unlace; a very good idea.’
    • ‘In the last few years, diaper makers have added larger sizes and created a new growth area with so-called training pants, which are pull-on diapers for older toddlers.’
    • ‘When you're in a rush, reach for pull-on styles that kids can put on without much assistance instead of clothes with cumbersome buttons and snaps.’


  • A pull-on garment.

    • ‘For men, the leather soled Chelsea boot zip-up or pull-on is the boot to have.’