Definition of pull off in English:

pull off

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phrasal verb

  • 1pull something off, pull off something informal Succeed in achieving or winning something difficult.

    • ‘he pulled off a brilliant first round win’
    • ‘Going public will make it more difficult to pull the scheme off a second time, and may give them an unsavoury reputation in some quarters.’
    • ‘These four albums will show you why he simultaneously succeeded and failed to pull it off.’
    • ‘Mr Ahern may have difficulty in pulling this trick off.’
    • ‘The thought of it is enough to make you wince, but the performers are skilled enough to pull it off.’
    • ‘They can play a whole set of completely new material and still pull it off.’
    achieve, fulfil, succeed in, accomplish, bring off, bring about, carry out, carry off, execute, perform, perpetrate, discharge, complete, conduct, negotiate, clinch, work out, fix, effect, establish, engineer
  • 2mainly US (of a vehicle) move to the side of or off the road.

    • ‘there is no place to pull off in case of an accident’