Definition of pull one's weight in English:

pull one's weight


  • Do one's fair share of work.

    ‘he must pull his weight or leave’
    • ‘As always we implore players to play all their games, you're a member of a team and must pull your weight and one point is often the difference between getting through or not.’
    • ‘In order for a team or group to be successful everyone must work hard, in unison, and pull their weight.’
    • ‘You went to training to prove to yourself, nobody else, that you're capable, not of being the best player, but of pulling your weight.’
    • ‘I haven't seen anyone in the squad sulking and if they were, they wouldn't be here too long if they weren't pulling their weight - there are no superstars or prima donnas here.’
    • ‘We believe in a cooperative approach to community security - all governments pulling their weight, all governments ensuring that the Australian people can feel safe in their homes and safe on the streets.’
    • ‘The public is disenchanted with the parliament's performance thus far and has the impression too many MSPs are not pulling their weight.’
    • ‘While the rookies were pulling their weight, the Warriors also received an obvious boost from one of their veterans.’
    • ‘And to be perfectly honest, I doubt that a lot of 70 year olds today are really pulling their weight.’
    • ‘Villa people are neurotic about others not pulling their weight.’
    • ‘For example, some of the older members of the community felt that the youngsters weren't pulling their weight.’