Definition of pull rank in English:

pull rank


  • Take unfair advantage of one's seniority or privileged position.

    ‘someone pulled rank and took my place’
    • ‘The coach pulls rank and throws somebody out of their seat.’
    • ‘The phone lines are soon filled, and most of the stories have a common theme: The junior senator pulling rank on one of his constituents, breaking in line, demanding to pay less, or ducking out before the bill arrives.’
    • ‘So who do you think you're kidding by pulling rank on me?’
    • ‘When pulling rank fails to get him off the hook, Wade resorts to desperate measures to escape justice.’
    • ‘When Ricky broke his arm and was kept waiting because of insurance concerns, Melissa finally pulled rank as a legislator's wife and got her family added to his state coverage - at a cost of about $300 a month.’
    • ‘The chairman pulled rank, as they so often do in such open and shut cases, and persuaded his underlings he was entitled to enter his court.’
    • ‘For the next few days, he denied he had tried to pull rank.’
    • ‘The skipper, to his credit, doesn't just pull rank and yell at him.’
    • ‘Papa, a captain when he left the reserves, still knew how to pull rank.’
    • ‘Sometimes you just have to pull rank because you are the adult.’